Respules is a sterile suspension, which includes many active and inactive ingredients such as budesonide (micronized), sodium citrate, citric acid, disodium edetate, sodium chloride, polysorbate etc. It is used for the inhalation through jet nebulizer as acts as a long-term maintenance medication that prevents and controls asthma symptoms. As an optimal controller medication, this product is safe and effective.
Inhaler Medicines
We offer various Inhaler Medicines, which incorporate a bronchodilator and corticosteroid. These are the most important treatments for patients suffering from asthma. These lifesaving medicament preclude asthma attacks and reduce mucus production and swelling in the air passage. In this way, the airways are less delicate and less liable to react with asthma causes and it symptoms.
Rotacaps and Dry Powder Inhalers
Dry Powder Inhalers are the medical devices, which assist in delivering medicine to the lungs in the dry powder form. Basically, these are usually utilized for the treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma, emphysema, bronchitis and COPD. These inhalers serves as the optimal alternates to the aerosol-based inhalers (MDI).
Antibiotic Injections
Antibiotic Injections are the medications, given by injection as well as by the intravenous drip. These are utilized for the treatment of infections, which grow because of the development of germs such as bacteria and certain parasites. Offered medications are used in the cases of gonorrhea or syphilis. and work by inhibiting the parasite or bacteria from multiplying.
Nasal Spray
Nasal Sprays are used for the temporary comfort in congestion in the nose that is reasoned by different conditions such as common cold, allergies, hay fever, and sinusitis. These narrow the blood vessels of the nose area and reduce congestion and swelling. Offered sprays are also beneficial in reducing the histamine production and inflammation in the nasal passages.
Anti Allergy Tablets
Anti Allergy Tablets are used to alleviate symptoms that are caused by the allergies, flu, common cold or other breathing illnesses, on a temporary basis. These help in curing watery eyes, nose, throat, itchy eyes, runny nose and sneezing. Boosting the immune system, offered tablets help in relieving stuffy nose as well as ear congestion symptoms.
PPI Capsules & Tablets
Proton Pump Inhibitors capsules (PPIs) are the collection of drugs, which has a primal work to make a noticeable as well as a long-lasting reduction of gastric acid produced. These are the most powerful inhibitors of acid secretion and are used in the treatment of peptic ulcer, dyspepsia, gastroesophageal reflux disease, barrett's esophagus and many others.
Antibiotic Medicine
We offer highly effective Antibiotic Medicines, which are most frequently prescribed medicines in the modern medicine. These cure disease by injuring or killing the bacterias and are used for the treatment of various bacterial infections and diseases such as urinary tract infections, respiratory tract infections (eg, whooping cough and pneumonia), infected wounds and skin infections.
Analgesic Antipyretic Tablets
Analgesic Antipyretic Tablets are the accumulation of heterogeneous substances, which includes nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicates, non-acidic drugs, paracetamol and pyrazolinones. Used as the pain relievers, these also come with small amount of anti-inflammatory properties. Offered tablets can be taken for relieving fever and headache particularly for individuals who have bleeding conditions or incapable to use salicylate products.
Sugar Free Syrups
We offer Sugar Free Syrups, which come with superior taste as well as flavor authentication with zero calories and sugar. Suitable for the digestive system, these syrups come with fine taste and are utterly harmless for diabetes patients. Answering the cravings of the taste buds, offered medications ensure a low-cal, guilt-free and exceptional flavor.
Antioxidant Capsules
Antioxidant Capsules give protection to the body from the damages, which are caused by baneful molecules known as free radicals. Offered medicines are the healthful treatment solutions for cardiovascular complications, prostate cancer, bladder and are highly effective in suppressing the free radicals that harm cell structure and DNA.
Pediatric Medicine
We offer Pediatric Medicines, which are used for the maintaining the heart health of infants, children and adolescents. These also assist in growth and development of the children. Offering preventive health care and treatment for chronic and acute diseases, these medicines show safe and effective effects. These medicines are capable to ensure the good health status of children and give them the opportunity to grow, potentially.
Pharma Franchise
We offer assorted business opportunities like Pharma Franchise that is an essential part of our marketing scheme. It maintains consistency, honesty and observes essential guidelines, needed to attain consumers satisfaction. Our franchise program deals with the queries of interested clients. It executes its business activities in a lawful manner, maintaining all business ethics.

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